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Personal Safety Education is a school-based curriculum that empowers children to participate in their own protection. The three integral components of the methodology are providing age-appropriate information, developing assertiveness and decision making skills and promoting self-esteem to translate learning into practice. Besides, it strengthens the capacities of those professionally, socially and morally responsible for the protection of children, that is, the government, parents, schools, and the larger community. Know more…

Tulir-CPHCSA training programs are designed to meet the requirements and needs of various professional and non-professional sectors and include sensitization and skill building programs for Teachers, Social Workers, Doctors, Parents & other Multi-Disciplinary stakeholders crucial to an effective response.

Training workshops also extend to organizations working on varied issues - child labour, child rights, HIV/AIDS, academic institutions - equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to effectively respond to the sexual abuse of children.

Tulir-CPHCSA believes in sharing its knowledge, resources and expertise with other organizations for a better response to child sexual abuse, by providing consultancy in research and practice areas for other organizations working on related issues.


A multidisciplinary approach is the basis of therapeutic services for abused children and is premised on the holistic Caring, Healing and Teaching model, along with socio-legal assistance.
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Research and documentation projects are undertaken with an aim to expand knowledge-base, advance practice, and evolve better strategies within the Indian context to combat child sexual abuse.

Tulir-CPHCSA`s study in 2006,conducted among 2211 school going children in Chennai,indicates a CSA prevalence rate of 42%.Children of all socio-economic groups were found to be equally vulnerable. While 48% of boys reported having been abused,the prevalence rate among girls was 39%. 15 % of both the boys and girls were severely abused. Know More

To assist other researchers and practitioners, Tulir-CPHCSA has a resource library containing a collection of books, manuals, studies and multimedia resources, focused on child sexual abuse.


Development and publication of booklets, posters, training guides and multimedia resources on Child Sexual Abuse, including materials specifically designed for different stakeholder groups. Know more…


Since attitudinal change is only possible with information , creating and raising awareness and sensitization is a key priority of Tulir-CPHCSA. It works towards achieving this goal by periodically organizing public awareness and sensitization programs and campaigns, and by making use of different platforms to bring the issue to the forefront of public consciousness. This includes joining with individuals, groups and organizations, and networking with different professional sectors, such as law enforcement, judiciary, health care and education.

Partnering with media and writing on the issue to provide better and sensitive visibility to the issue is a constant effort. Aawaaz, the quarterly newsletter of Tulir-CPHCSA, is another vehicle of advocacy and networking for spreading awareness .
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