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  Tulir-CPHCSA | Mission Statement | Objectives  

Preventing and healing child sexual abuse require equal parts of caring, optimism and pragmatism. We must care deeply for our children, be optimistic about human being's capabilities for change and be pragmatic how to work with children and the larger community to bring about positive transformation.

Tulir-CPHCSA assumes that caring and optimism already reside within the majority of people and thus focuses on the pragmatic - how to translate the abstract notions of prevention and healing into a blueprint for action.

Prevention has increasingly gained recognition as the most prudent and cost effective strategy for addressing child sexual abuse. More importantly prevention, through the concept of Personal Safety Education, works to allow every child the right to feel safe all the time.

However, while prevention skills of children and vigilance of parents and adults do not guarantee that no child will ever be hurt, Tulir-CPHCSA believes proactivity and timeliness are the essence to an appropriate response.

Basic to Tulir-CPHCSA's philosophy of supporting abused children in their journey of healing is belief in the innate ability of the human spirit to prevail and every child's unique strengths and resilience. Furthermore Tulir-CPHCSA recognizes the significance of family and community in a child's life, and is committed to working holistically towards empowering children triumph over abuse and towards normalcy.