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Most people imagine abusers to be shadowy and frightening strangers. In fact, most often these abusers can range from family members to acquaintances and someone the victim trusts explicitly. Rarely are abusers complete strangers.

Contrary also to what people may think, a person who abuses a child is usually not someone with a psychiatric disorder. They are usually indistinguishable from anyone else. In fact, often an abuser is a "regular" person who leads a "routine" life and is known to the victim, but has no inhibition or qualms for having sex with children.
Furthermore, child sexual abusers do not share any specific common characteristics:-
4Though most abusers are men, women can also be abusers.
4They do not belong to any particular socio-economic class.
4Education, or the lack of it, does not define an abuser.
4The abuser need not have any psychological/emotional problems.
4Abuser can be married and have children of their own.
4The abuser may or may not have history of abuse in his/her childhood.
When abusers plans on targeting a child, they keep in mind the following factors:
4Picking someone who can be safely victimized.
4Spending time observing and then tricking the child into performing sexual acts so that the victim appears to be willing
4Manipulates an apparently "willing victim" through encouragement, coercion, surveillance, constraint and bribery.